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A Very Satisfying Session

Today's session with a new elementary student was a picturesque display of repetition creating evolution and growth. While it was a classic realization of what you would expect a tutoring session to be, what struck me was how traceable the progress was with this particular student. It was like watching a movie (or a dramatic video of a tutoring session, lol). Riveting for me personally!

It's no secret that a large percent of my business comes from parents aptly seeking an academic mediator between them and their child. Many times by the time I get a call, both the parent and the student are flustered. Both are heavily invested in the student's success. Although this situation often leads to excessive pressure, in this case it was nice to see that the student had extrapolated something powerful from the journey she had been on with her parent. It was clear that she had a sense of expectation of herself. That starts with positive parenting. As we went through specific repetitive practice, she moved from completely lost to a little clearer each round. She never tired of the repetition, and was actively absorbing the information as it was patiently being doled out. By the end, she was comfortable performing on her own. There's something great to be said for instilling a strong sense of personal expectation early on.

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