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Empowerment Creates Enthusiasm!

Tutoring a young student today gave me a fresh example of what empowerment can do for someone tackling a new or unfamiliar topic.

This particular elementary student was learning how to multiply multi-digit numbers together. The road from novice to mastery is one with many checkpoints. In the earliest stages of learning something new, looking at the destination can be daunting. It is often overwhelming. In the past, this student had had some challenging days laying the foundation to multi-digit multiplication. Patience, encouragement, and little rewards at each "checkpoint" from a tutor all go a long way. Today, as she got more and more confident with this skill, closer to her "destination" of comfort with this type of math problem, her energy elevated. By the time the session came to an end, she had a page full of complex multiplication problems, done completely right. She jumped up with her paper, and ran to show her mom! She was a brand new little girl, full of pride in herself for having acquired new knowledge that she didn't have before. It was a reminder that growth is life! May we never stop learning.

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