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Holding Space for Students!

Having "space for students" might have a different meaning than you were initially thinking. I assure you I'm not advertising for more clients! LOL

Yesterday I was working with an older student; a senior in high school. He's just starting his first semester of AP Stats. When he first told me that he'd be taking it, he was unsure about his ability to succeed in the class. He doesn't identify as having a "strong suit" in math. I can't tell you how many students I've worked with who initially felt outright inundated by a class that they believed they were just "not good" at. Even now, it brings such a warm feeling to my heart to reflect on the extraordinary gratitude of parents who were daunted in the beginning, watching their child in this state. As a parent, I know that space is a heavy onus; one best suited for a great tutor.

As I listened to my student yesterday, I heard his trepidation, and I heard his willingness. I heard his doubt and his hope. Without my own agenda, I could hear hesitation equally as loudly as vision. So as we began, I let his hope carry us into it, while I took care of his doubt. I let his vision pull us further into the work, passing by his hesitation. When I needed to direct, I relied on his willingness. Being a tutor is knowing when to lead and when to follow. It is seeing the whole student and allowing all of him or her to be a part of his/her own story of success!

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