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Persistence makes Progress!

I've learned that the pursuit of perfection is a diminishing, misguided expedition. I, instead, prefer the concept of progress. Consistent progress over time can lead to accomplishments that exceed our own expectations.

Today was a collective of sessions that served as a testament to the power of persistent work, even when it's tough and you can't detect growth.

There's a saying that goes "Starting the hardest part". In the beginnings of undertakings, when progress and reward are very literally non-existent, motivation can be elusive. It's a time when past experiences fly in the face of hope for the new thing you're trying to create. Students are not exempt to this. In fact, quite often this is the state of my students when they begin tutoring. They are not looking forward to changing their routine. They are not excited to have an extra pair of eyes on their work. They don't want to start spending more time on a subject they already can't stand.

However, each of the amazing students I saw today (some I have been working with for over a year) kept showing up in those early days, and kept pushing through the internal opposition. They kept listening, kept practicing, kept doing their homework. Today all of those students put a big smile on my face as they soared through subjects that used to give them so much grief.

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