We offer a personalized educational experience in academic subjects, K through 12--exceptional, specialized service--with the convenience of in-home tutoring.

"Good Spirit" Tutoring


Kindergarten through 6th Grade: $75 per hour

Middle/High School

7th Grade through 12th Grade: $85 per hour


Calculus, AP, IB: $95 per hour

SAT Prep: $105 per hour

"Care Packages"

10-hour Pre-paid Tutoring Packages:

$650 for Elementary

$750 for Middle/High School

$900 for Calculus, AP, IB

$1,000 for SAT Prep

Online & Pod Teaching*

ZOOM, Google Duo, WhatsApp: All prices listed above applicable.

*Please call and ask about our "Kindred Spirits" Pod Teaching or our remote "Face 2 Face" online tutoring available nationwide!

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